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  • It sure is hot!

    It sure is hot!

    I hope you had a nice holiday! We have been working on landscaping, forever it seems, but with a new house build it can be an ongoing task. Drinking cold Iced Tea can be very refreshing while working or playing...

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  • RoyalTeas Rewards Program

    RoyalTeas Rewards Program

    Last year we put an electronic rewards program in place just to get us started in the on-line store. I am sorry it has taken me this long to revamp it and hopefully I have made it better for you....

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  • Summer Sale

    Summer Sale

    As the 4th of July approaches, I think of family and friends gathering for BBQ's and Iced Tea! We have some great SALES on tea and teaware. Get a box of 100 Tea Filters at 50% off ($3.50) with any...

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  • The Wonders of Nature

    The Wonders of Nature

    Baby Birds.... I have been watching a pair of oriels tend a nest outside my window. They have been so diligent and work very hard to keep the 3 babies fed. Their little cries are turning into more bird chirping...

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  • Are you ready for summer?

    Are you ready for summer?

    As I was sitting out here thinking about summer and what to write, I realized it has been almost a year since we closed the store front. I love seeing familiar names popping up in my orders window and getting...

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  • Moms are the Best

    Moms are the Best

    Moms As a teenager I collected and adopted many Moms. Some were nice ladies I worked with, some were my friends moms that took me in because I was there all the time. But in all cases, these were women...

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  • Awaken your Senses - Happy Spring

    Awaken your Senses - Happy Spring

    I have been waiting patiently for the first leaf buds and little bits of green to pop up from the dirt. Spring is a wonderful time of the year. A time to see all the things coming to life and...

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  • Prosperity and Dreams

    Prosperity and Dreams

    I was reading a book called the Art of Tea - a journey of ritual, discovery and impact by Steve Schwartz, well actually listening to this book. He was discussing how tea brings us a calm energy. Not a reved...

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  • a little LOVE in your mailbox!

    a little LOVE in your mailbox!

    I remember when we were kids - we would spend seveal days decorating our paper bags or boxes with red construction paper hearts and gluing ribbons on them. Then on Valentines Day everyone would parade around and put special little...

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