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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

As the days lengthen and the promise of spring fills the air, we're thrilled to unveil our newest additions that capture the essence of this joyful season. From the rich, robust flavors of our Blarney Blend Black Tea to the delicate bergamot of our Irish Eyes Green Tea, we invite you to indulge in a sip of Ireland's enchanting allure.

But that's not all! Alongside our delightful teas, we're also excited to introduce whimsical spring companions - ducks and bees! Embrace the whimsy of the season with these adorable additions to your collection. We offer a delightful selection of tea balls, charming mugs, cozy tea towels, enchanting charms, dazzling suncatchers, and oh-so-adorable matches!

So, whether you're raising a toast to St. Patrick himself or simply reveling in the joy of spring, let our offerings ignite your senses and transport you to a world of warmth and wonder.

Here's to the luck of the Irish and the beauty of spring - may your cup overflow with happiness and your heart dance with delight!

Cheers to new beginnings and the magic of the season ahead!

Happy shopping! Diane 🌈🌼🍀

As we immerse ourselves in the ethereal waters of Pisces season, there's no better way to embrace the mystical energy of this compassionate and imaginative sign than with a soothing cup of our Pisces Tea Blend. Crafted with care to complement the creative and intuitive nature of Pisces, this enchanting blend is designed to transport you to realms of wonder and inspire your fantastical daydreams.

For Pisces, tea isn't just a beverage - it's a gateway to exploration, a conduit for connecting with the deepest recesses of the soul. With each sip, Pisces love to immerse themselves in moments of tranquility, allowing their imagination to unfurl like the waves of the ocean, carrying them to distant shores of inspiration and insight.

Our Pisces Tea Blend is a harmonious fusion of flavors, carefully selected to resonate with the essence of this water sign. Rooibos tea provides a grounding foundation, while black tea adds a subtle depth. Chamomile flowers offer a gentle embrace, soothing the spirit and inviting relaxation. White tea contributes its delicate nuances, elevating the blend with its ethereal essence. Infused with the bright zest of orange and the subtle citrus notes of lemongrass, our blend awakens the senses and invigorates the soul. Delicate blue cornflowers add a touch of visual splendor, while natural orange and grapefruit flavors dance upon the palate, evoking visions of sun-drenched horizons and endless possibilities.

Whether you're seeking solace in quiet contemplation or fueling your creative endeavors, our Pisces Tea Blend is your perfect companion. Let its gentle caress guide you through the currents of your imagination, leading you to realms of boundless inspiration and profound insight.

So, as we embrace the magic of Pisces season, let us raise our cups in celebration of the dreamers, the visionaries, and the seekers of the soul. May our Pisces Tea Blend be a beacon of light in the depths of our dreams, illuminating the path to discovery and enchantment.


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