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Our Story

Figments is a unique online shop that specializes in high-quality whole leaf tea, accoutrements and whimsical gifts. 

Established in 2009, Diane Daniels was tired of working for someone else and asked "If you could do anything and money was no object... what would you do?"  Diane's answer was "Tea".

As a child, Diane loved having tea with her dolls, her dog and her Daddy.  She had a lovely pink plastic tea set and would make imaginative tea cakes from mud, grass and decorate them with dandelions.  Her Daddy would come home from work and play tea party and drink hose water from her tiny cups and pretend to eat her lovely mud pies.  

When it came time to follow her dreams Diane, with the help of her Mom and Daddy opened Figments.  JoAn her mom came to work with her and her Daddy was so proud and supportive. 

In 2022, we closed our retail location and went to an on-line only venue. We still have the same hospitable values and are creatively continuing to build relationships with our customers.  Diane says "I want to feel good and I want to share that with others."  Tea is how she does that. 

RealiTea - We don't care what fork you use - tea does not have to be a formal occasion.  We encourage you to find your own tea rituals whether it be in a plastic cup or fine porcelain or anywhere in between.  Be You --- Drink Tea.