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  • 🌿 Figments Lavender Farm Update

    🌿 Figments Lavender Farm Update

    🌿 Lavender Farm Update... The little plants are doing well - growing nicely. We will be moving them to bigger pots in the next few weeks. This means switching to a different heating system in the greenhouse to keep these...

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  • Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

    As the days lengthen and the promise of spring fills the air, we're thrilled to unveil our newest additions that capture the essence of this joyful season. From the rich, robust flavors of our Blarney Blend Black Tea to the...

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  • Sip into the Valentine Season

    Sip into the Valentine Season

    Wishing you a New Year filled with fresh beginnings, joy, and endless possibilities. We've recently added a new scone mix to our collection. Just mix it with heavy cream and enjoy the delightful results when baked in a pan. Choose...

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  • Do you need to stock your tea cabinet?

    Do you need to stock your tea cabinet?

    With the cooler temperatures I find myself drinking hot tea all day now. It is so comforting to feel it wriggle its way into my tummy. Have you checked your tea cabinet to see which of your favorites you might...

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  • Which is your Favorite?

    Which is your Favorite?

      How to Make a Great Pumpkin Tea Latte Step by Step Instructions: Bring freshly drawn water to a boil. Pour 1-2oz of the milk of your choice into a 16oz mug or tumbler you'll brew the tea in. (By adding the...

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  • All the Pumpkin Spice Flavors

    All the Pumpkin Spice Flavors

    All the Pumpkin Spice Flavors The air is crisp and we are beginning to see a few yellow colors in the cottonwood leaves down by the river. Cool mornings of fall bring a desire for a warm cup of tea....

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  • Lavender Farm Beginnings....

    Lavender Farm Beginnings....

    Lavender Farm ...Our greenhouse is all set to provide winter protection for these adorable lavender plants. We've already received our initial shipment of 100 plants, and another 260 are on their way this week. The fragrance is absolutely heavenly! In...

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