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Sip into the Valentine Season

Sip into the Valentine Season

Wishing you a New Year filled with fresh beginnings, joy, and endless possibilities.

We've recently added a new scone mix to our collection. Just mix it with heavy cream and enjoy the delightful results when baked in a pan. Choose from three delicious flavors: Cottage Rose, Lemon Lavender, and White Chocolate Raspberry.

Our shelves are now adorned with the enchanting aromas of our Valentine Teas. Indulge in the romantic notes of Paris, savor the love-infused blend of Across a Crowded Room, experience the passion of French Kiss, delight in the decadence of Chocolate Strawberry Champagne, and embark on a sweet journey with Honeymoon. These exquisite teas are sure to add a touch of love to your cup. Treat yourself or surprise someone special with these heartwarming blends. ❤️☕️




Make your tea Sparkle.

Elevate your tea experience with our food-grade Brew Glitter® Just a pinch of Brew Glitter® into your favorite tea transforms it into a shimmering masterpiece.

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Capricorn's determined spirit is embodied in this tea, where the initial whiff reveals sweet coconut, a nod to the disciplined nature of this zodiac sign. The blend of black and white teas from diverse regions crafts a seamlessly smooth taste, mirroring Capricorn's methodical approach to life.

Adding sugar unlocks the coconut and vanilla notes, enhancing the flavor spectrum. Introducing a splash of milk transforms this tea into a rich and coconut-creamy experience, echoing Capricorn's desire for success with a touch of indulgence. For an extra delightful treat, experimenting with coconut milk is highly recommended.

This resilient tea holds its own when served over ice, making it a versatile companion for Capricorn's ambitious journey. If you're a Capricorn who appreciates the finer things, this tea is tailored to satisfy your celestial taste buds.

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