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πŸ“β˜• Discover the Delight of Strawberry Teas!

πŸ“β˜• Discover the Delight of Strawberry Teas!

Savor the Sweetness of Summer with Strawberry Teas

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in the luscious, juicy flavors of fresh strawberries. As the days grow warmer, there's nothing quite like a refreshing glass of iced tea infused with the vibrant taste of this beloved berry. Whether enjoyed at a picnic, a garden party, or simply as a cool treat on a sunny afternoon, strawberry teas capture the essence of the season.

During my recent visits to local farmers markets, I've been delighted to see an abundance of fresh strawberries from our dedicated local farmers. Their rich, sweet aroma fills the air, promising the delightful flavors that we can now savor in our selection of strawberry teas.

Here are some of our finest teas, perfect for filling your iced tea pitcher with the essence of summer:

Midsummer Night's Dream Black/Green Tea

This blend of green and black tea, infused with the flavors of strawberry, mango, pineapple, and papaya, creates a truly delightful cup. It may even be reminiscent of Oberon's enchanted flower, known for its ability to inspire feelings of love.

Grandma's Garden Herbal Tea

Delicious strawberries, ripe blackberries, and tart rhubarb make for a cup that is reminiscent of grandma's summer garden. This blend tastes both fruity and tart and brews up a deep, grape color. Great hot or iced with a bit of sugar.

Long Island Strawberry Green Tea

Smooth green tea is elevated by the succulent and sweet notes of strawberry and papaya for a summery cup smells and tastes heavenly.

Strawberry Darjeeling Black Tea

This Darjeeling tea is cultivated in India's high altitude terrain, known for its signature muscatel character and less astringent, more layered flavors. Enjoy an exotic, antioxidant-rich cup, complemented by the sweet taste of juicy strawberries. A whimsical and fruit-forward take on the traditional cup of tea.

French Kiss Pu-Erh Tea

Delight in the bright and sweet flavors of strawberry and mango - layered over earthy, smooth pu-erh black tea. This exquisite cup of tea takes on a new dimension when you add a touch of sweetener. Boasting a higher caffeine level due to its higher fermentation, it will jumpstart your morning with zest!

Enjoy the vibrant, juicy flavors of summer with our strawberry teas, each one crafted to bring the best of the season right to your glass. Cheers to sunny days and sweet sips!



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