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How to Make an Easy Tea Latte

How to Make an Easy Tea Latte

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Bring freshly drawn water up to desired temperature according to the type of tea you're making.
  2. Pour 1-2oz of the milk of your choice into the cup you'll brew the tea in. (By adding the milk first, you'll end up with a creamier tea latte using less milk.)
  3. Add sugar or flavored syrup.
  4. Scoop loose leaf tea into an infuser or T-Sac using 1tsp for each 8oz of water. (If your mug is 16oz use 2tsp.)
  5. Place infuser or T-Sac into the mug and pour the hot water over the top of the leaves allowing them to swirl around and open. 
  6. Steep for 3-5 minutes according to your taste preferences.
  7. Remove infuser or T-Sac.
  8. Add some whipped cream for a decadent treat.
  9. Sip and enjoy!


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