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☕ Make It Your Way! 😄

☕ Make It Your Way! 😄

When it comes to making a cup of tea, there are many tools available to you! Choose the best option for your style and the type of tea you’re making for the best-tasting cup possible.

The basket-style infuser has many advantages. It’s large and allows the tea leaves to open and expand - producing better flavor. It also fits many different sized mugs and teapots.

Our basket infusers are made from sturdy materials like stainless steel that stand up to repeated use and washings. Pick up one today if you love drinking large leaf teas by the mug!

The ball-style infuser is a classic that many tea lovers are familiar with. Its smaller size is advantageous for those specialty teapots and small cups - just be sure not to over fill it! This infuser is best for those who don’t mind a few stray leaves in the bottom of their cup. 

Pinch ball infusers are great if you prefer to skip a teaspoon for measuring - just squeeze the pincher and scoop the tea with the infuser itself. It’s a simple and classic infuser option.

Tea filters are by far the most convenient option. Skip the dishes and make a quick cup! TSacs come in many different sizes and can be heat sealed to take on the go to the office or on vacation.

Both our TSacs and Tea Pockets are a biodegradable option that don’t contain any chlorine or bleach. Keep a box on hand for a quick and easy tea making experience!

Fun and quirky style doesn’t stop when it comes to teaware! Find a piece that is as unique and fun as you are! Or send an unforgettable gift to someone you love. Enjoy the process of making a cup of tea as much as you enjoy drinking it!

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