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Almond Berry Royale

Almond Berry Royale

To Make a 2 quart pitcher you will need:

- a 3 cup container that can handle the heat of the boiling water and you can pour from.

- 4 teaspoons of Almond Rocker Rooibos Tea

- 4 teaspoons of Raspberry Nectar Black Tea

- 4 teaspoons of Vanilla Bean Syrup

- 2 teaspoons sugar (or more if you like it sweet)

- a large infuser or t-sac #4 - or an Iced Tea Maker

- 6 cups boiling water

- 2 quart pitcher full of Ice

- timer


Start by:


bring your water to a boil

fill your infuser or t-sac with both types of tea

place the infuser(with tea) in your 3 cup container and fill with boiling water

(remember always leaves before water)

Set/activate your timer for 3 minutes

While your tea is steeping, fill your 2 quart pitcher with ice



After your timer has completed, give your infuser a couple of dunks to get the most from your leaves and then remove from your steeping container 

Add to this hot steeped tea - the vanilla bean syrup and sugar and stir.  

Slowly pour this into your 2 quart pitcher full of ice.  (If you are using a glass pitcher please pour into center of ice slowly so the tea will cool down and not break your glass.  Better to use plastic if possible.)

Finally - find a cool place to enjoy this wonder summer drink.


Additional Ideas - use Brew Glitter to add a little sparkle to your summer drinks!  It comes in a rainbow of colors and is lots of fun.



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