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Zodiac - Virgo - White/Honeybush Tea

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Virgo's are quiet, delicate and sensitive. This blend lives up to Virgo's meticulous standards. An antioxidant rich tea perfect for a detailed morning routine.


white tea, honeybush tea, lemongrass, chamomile flowers, apple pieces, rose hips, marigold flowers, natural apricot flavor, rose petals, apricots

Caffeine - Yes Mild
Organic - No

Figments Tasting Notes

 The fragrance of apricots comes to you when you open the package.  This light tea has an herbal undertone and you get rose hips and bit lemongrass. 

The apricot is sweetened up to the forefront with sugar.  I believe honey would be very nice with this tea. 

I kept drinking and almost forgot to try it iced, but the yummy flavors came through even cold. 

A lovely tea. 

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