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White Swiss Truffle Rooibos Tea

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A decadent herbal infusion that promises a symphony of flavors with every sip. Immerse yourself in the world of  sweet chocolate that explodes on your palate, while tidbits of mint meander throughout, creating a harmonious blend inspired by the delectable white chocolate truffles perfected by the Swiss.


Rooibos, caramel pieces, calendula petals, cacao bean pieces, white chocolate pieces, natural flavors.

Caffeine - No
Organic - No

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This herbal tea blends the delicious taste of white chocolate truffles with the bakey character of rooibos to create a rich and decadent drink. Each sip offers sweet, buttery notes with hints of vanilla and creamy depths. The character of the white chocolate is perfectly balanced by the subtleties of the rooibos and a hint of mint that was added to help round out the blend. This tea is inspired by the delectable white chocolate truffles perfected by the Swiss.

The Swiss have been wooing people the world over with their chocolate confections since 1697. In that year, Heinrich Escher, the mayor of Zurich drank some hot chocolate while on a business trip to Brussels and became infatuated with its delicious flavor. From that day forward the histories of chocolate and Switzerland became inextricably linked. Over the next 200 years or so, chocolate making in Switzerland thrived as a small-scale cottage industry with small companies experimenting with all sorts of ways of producing chocolate.

White chocolate, which forms the base of white truffles, derives its milky color from the presence of up to 3 times the amount of cocoa butter found in traditional dark chocolates. The cocoa butter gives the truffles a very smooth, mild chocolatey taste. This herbal tea mirrors that indulgent white chocolate truffle flavor. We recommend adding a dash of milk (or milk alternative) and sugar (honey or maple syrup works well too). This will enhance the lush creamy layers of flavor and add a luxurious sweetness to this dessert-like cup of tea.

Cacao beans were added to this tea to enhance the natural chocolate flavor while also adding a boost of vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols. Cocoa beans are thought to promote good circulation and better blood flow. The theobromine in cocoa is said to help reduce inflammation. Rich in flavor and rich in wellness benefits - this is the perfect tea to add to your collection.

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