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Paris Black Tea

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This Paris Black Tea is a fusion of sophistication and indulgence, where each sip takes you on a journey through the enchanting streets of Paris. The fragrant cup unfolds like a love letter, with fruity notes, velvety textures, and a touch of citrus, creating a perfect balance that captures the essence of Parisian elegance.

Black tea, oolong tea, black currant flavor, vanilla flavor, bergamot oil, caramel flavor.

Caffeine - Yes Moderate
Organic - No

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Let Paris Black Tea transport you to a sidewalk café, where the aroma of freshly brewed tea mingles with the romance of the city. Tantalize your taste buds with the symphony of fruity black tea, velvety vanilla, creamy caramel, and luscious bergamot – a fragrant cup that embodies the timeless allure of Paris. Savor the moments of indulgence and let each sip be a celebration of the artistry in tea blending

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