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Winter Holiday Tea Collection

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Teas in this collection include:
Christmas Blend (Black Tea): The fragrance of cinnamon and clove evoke memories of the festive winter markets of Europe. Featuring black tea, sweet treats, cinnamon, clove, jasmine petals, and natural flavoring.

Cookies for Santa (Black Tea): You could put milk & cookies out for Santa...or just treat yourself to some delectable tea! This cozy blend mixes black tea, raisins, and soothing spices.

Gingerbread Latte (Rooibos): This exquisite blend of spices promises a delectable hot cup on a frigid winter day! Caffeine-Free, it is composed of Rooibos tea, gingerbread flavor, and ginger pieces.

Hearthside Toddy (Black Tea): Warm your bones by the fire with a steaming cup of tea! Our blend of black tea, vanilla ginger bits, spice, and flavoring will make you feel cozy and content.

NaughTea & Spice (Black Tea): Santa evidently adores this tea blend, which includes premium black tea, lemon peel, cloves, cinnamon bits, chocolate bits, red/pink peppercorns, and flavoring. Additionally, the flavor includes the delightful combination of chocolate and cinnamon. Soy is also an ingredient.

Nutcracker (Rooibos): Holiday marzipan that's bursting with sweetness - thanks to ingredients like rooibos, papaya, almond, and candy pieces.

 20 T-Sacs to brew the tea


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How to Make Your TEA

How to Make Your TEA


Good tea starts with good water! We recommend using filtered or spring water for a superior tasting cup of tea. 


Different types of tea require different temperatures of water for steeping. Black teaherbals, and rooibos can handle boiling water. Green teawhite tea, and oolong require cooler water so the leaves don't get scalded - resulting in bitter flavor. Follow the temperatures below.

Black Tea: 212°F
Green Tea: 160-175°F
White Tea: 175°F
Herbal: 212°F
Rooibos: 212°F

Tea Leaves to Water Ratio

We recommend using 1tsp of leaves per 8oz of water. If you prefer a stronger cup of tea, add more tea leaves.

Steep Time

We recommend that most teas steep for 3-5 minutes. Anything that has actual tea leaves (camellia sinensis) should not exceed 5 minutes as the leaves will release more tannins resulting in a bitter flavor. Herbals and rooibos don't contain actual tea leaves and can be steeped as long as you like. 

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Bring freshly drawn water up to desired temperature according to the type of tea you're making.
  2. Scoop loose leaf tea into an infuser or T-Sac using 1tsp for each 8oz of water. (If your mug is 16oz use 2tsp. If your teapot is 45oz use 6tsp.)
  3. Place infuser or T-Sac into the mug or teapot you're going to steep the tea in and pour the hot water over the top of the leaves allowing them to swirl around and open. 
  4. Steep for 3-5 minutes according to your taste preferences.
  5. Remove infuser or T-Sac.
  6. Add milk or sugar to taste.
  7. Breathe in the aroma and enjoy!