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Buccaneer Black and Rooibos Tea

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Set sail on a flavor adventure with Buccaneer Rooibos Tea, a treasure trove of exquisite tastes inspired by the daring spirit of the high seas. This unique blend combines the smooth richness of rooibos and black tea with the exotic allure of toasted coconut, the decadent notes of chocolate, and the sweet whisper of vanilla. Each cup is a voyage, a journey to distant shores where bold flavors and comforting warmth await.

The robust rooibos base, known for its naturally sweet and nutty profile, is expertly blended with the invigorating depth of black tea. Toasted coconut adds a tropical twist, reminiscent of the far-flung islands explored by seafaring pirates. The chocolate and vanilla flavors meld seamlessly, creating a luxurious, velvety finish that lingers like a pirate's hidden loot.

Whether you're plotting your next big move or simply unwinding after a day of conquering the world, Buccaneer Rooibos Tea is your perfect companion.


Apple, Cacao Beans (Organic), Chocolate Bits, Chocolate Flavor (Natural), Coconut (Organic), Coconut Flavor (Natural), Cream Flavor (Natural), Indian Black Tea (Organic), Rooibos (Organic), Vanilla Flavor (Natural), White Chocolate Bits

*Contains trace amounts of dairy & sugar.

Caffeine - Yes
Organic - No

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