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All American Iced Tea - Organic Black Tea

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Crafted with the American South in mind, this blend boasts a velvety texture and oaky finish. Perfect for hot enjoyment or brewed into sweet tea for summer days and backyard gatherings.

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Black tea* *Organic Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems (Organic Equivalency with COR, NOP, EU, JAS)

Caffeine - Yes Moderate
Organic - Yes

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So, just what do they do in Texas that makes their iced tea so spectacular? To find out, we went straight to the source - or rather, our Master Blender went straight to the source: Brownsville, the southernmost city in the State. Down in Brownsville he met with an elderly woman who claimed to posses the best iced tea recipe in all of Texas. Who was he to argue? He went with her to her home, settled into a porch swing and took out a pad of paper and pencil: "To make one and a half quarts of tea", she began, "put one quart (4 cups) of fresh cold water in a kettle and put it over heat. When the water comes to a boil, infuse 5 grams of black tea in a teapot." "Now," she continued, "Here comes the tricky part. Don't pour the hot water gently, really let the water splash down and agitate that tea - get it mad y'all! Then, set the tea aside and let it steep for at least an hour. Once it's done, strain it out into a pitcher, add ¾ cups of sugar and stir that tea until it's dissolved. Finally, add a couple of cups of cool water and set it in the fridge until it's nice and cold. When you're ready to serve it, garnish with a big ol' slice of lemon. big enough that y'all can squeeze the juice right out of it! And that's that!"

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