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Color Changing Teas

Color Changing Teas

Nature is full of wonder and magic! Blue Butterfly Pea Flower is just one example. It brews up a stunning, blue color and changes to purple when citrus is added. In Thailand spas, this tea is served with lime and is considered a beauty elixir.

We sell the plain flower for maximum color and versatility. Or you could purchase one of our pea flower blends for better flavor!

We have two caffeine-free options - Blue Coconut Lavender which is a relaxing bedtime tea and Blueberry Violet which is both fruity and floral.

Our Caribbean Green tea is the most unique of the bunch and brews up a stormy blue color with notes of melon and lemon - we love this tea iced!

Share with guests in the form of iced tea or a beautiful tea cocktail or serve with lemonade to your kids in the summer.

It's a visually stunning tea and tons of fun to play with at tea parties. Throw in a pinch of brew glitter and you've got a galaxy in a cup!

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