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Tea Cup Silicone Trivet

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Silicone Decorative Trivets are perfect for every occasion and every season no matter what the event. Our high quality soft and flexible yet sturdy silicone trivets are the ultimate multi-tasker.

  • 8" Round Made from high-grade silicone

  • Won't stain, mold, or absorb odors

  • Protects your stove tops, counter tops, or kitchen table

  • Trivets are heat resistant to 600°F

  • Flexible enough to comfortably grab a hot dish out of the oven or microwave

  • Use as a spoon rest on your stove

  • Perfect as a placement for your indoor or outdoor table

  • Works as dual purpose trivet/pot holder and non-slip during travel in RVs

  • Great use for hot curling/straightening iron rest

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Made in the USA

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